Report Writer for Personal Property Appraisers Coming Soon!

For more than five years, T&M has been using AppraisalScribe, a proprietary cloud based USPAP compliant report writer designed specifically for the needs of our appraisal business. My husband, a software engineer, developed it for T&M because conventional word processing was so time consuming and frustrating to use and there were few web-based options. As the years have passed, we have noticed that there are still very limited options for the Personal Property community. The systems available are collection management systems first with appraisal report writers added in, making it difficult to learn and complicated to use. While real estate and business appraisers have good options for web-based report writers and project management systems, there is still nothing out there for us that is easy to use or affordable.

I have been working with a team of software engineers to make AppraisalScribe commercially available to the Personal Property appraisal community. If you would like to be notified of the launch, please visit AppraisalScribe and click on the green Coming Soon to leave your email address!