Appraisal Services

Written Appraisal Report

Required for Estate Tax, Charitable Donation and Insurance scheduling.

A written appraisal assignment includes:

  • Survey of your property or collection to determine which works need an appraisal, if desired.
  • Examination of chosen works.
  • Color photograph of each work.
  • Description of each work (following the Getty Descriptive Standard).
  • Research of current market, artist’s biographies, careers, and sales.
  • Collection of all pertinent information for intended use to determine appropriate type of value – ­­insurance scheduling, estate planning or taxation, damage and loss claims, charitable donation or for your personal use.
  • Delivery of two copies of a bound, illustrated and annotated report, with value conclusion fully explained and prepared in accordance with the most current edition of The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). Additional copies may be requested for a nominal per-page fee.

Fees may be structured on an hourly basis, per diem, or at a fixed rate. A retainer of one half the estimated total cost of an appraisal and a signed contract is required before any work is begun.

Verbal Appraisal/Consultation

For those interested in the sales potential of their work or estate planning. Includes on-site inspection, documentation of property, market research, and verbal communication of value conclusions.

We are glad to provide complimentary brief telephone consultations. For larger collections, we offer on-site preliminary inspection of the property to determine an appraisal or professional opinion of value is warranted. The consultation fee is based on the current hourly rate that may be credited to the final appraisal fee.

Please request a consultation or email us or call 800-738-5334 for more information.